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How I kicked my Detox's butt! Detox challenge, COMPLETE!

Video: 10 minutes.

Poor detox, it never had a chance! :P

Some of the benefits I got off my detox:

  1. Feel lighter, not so bloated
  2. Have more energy
  3. I can concentrate more
  4. Lost weight!! Yeehaa! Total of 1.2kg and 0.9kg of that was purree fat! Oh yeah! (I know I said 0.9% in the video - I was wrong. What the hell is 0.9% anyway??)
  5. Sleep more deeply and more restful.
  6. Feel more in control of what I eat.
  7. Wish to carry on eating healthy and taking care of my body!

I'd like to thank Johanna Voss for sharing her awesome tips! A little bit about Johanna:

Johanna Voss is a yogi, food lover, adventure seeker, cook, runner, dog lover, 32 year old, spanish speaking Holistic Health Coach. Her feet have touched ground on 5 of the 7 continents and she is currently scheming on how to reach those last two, Africa and Antarctica. Passionate, enthusiastic and convincing are just 3 words that come to mind when thinking of her!

I am super excited about completing my first goal for this year (lol) and am well on way on completing my second goal (and third) - which is to lose 5 kgs and to speak some conversational Spanish by April 21st !

Check out the rest of my goals in a post I wrote a little while back here!

Before I leave I'd like to remind you that you can get some awesome recipes from my facebook page. Just click like and check out the recipes!

And a GREAT offer from Johanna herself! Check it out:

As a Holistic Health Coach she is trained to support YOU reach your maximum level of health and happiness-- be it reducing stress, eating healthier or finding balance. Johanna gets it. Similar to you, she juggles lots of balls at once, always looking to add more into the mix and get better at life while trying to have fun doing it.

If you have always dreamed about how your life could be different, now is the time to put those dreams into action. As a valued reader of the Blisscipline blog, she is offering YOU a free wellness consultation—a chance for you to talk about your goals and your life while at the same time learning about Johanna's holistic approach to life and wellness. Don't hesitate to get in touch with her via her website or Here's to a beautiful life!

Have questions about detox? Or just did one? So tell me about you detox experience in the comments!


8 morning routines that help you get pumped for the day

Source: gogobabyzblog

I'm always on the fence with this 'routine' stuff. On one hand I know a little bit of a routine is good, on the other hand I hate the feeling of repetition. However, that said, I do admit to having a morning routine that helps me get pumped for the day.

Whenever I do these things it just sets the tone of the day for me and I get excited to work! So I've written down 8 morning routines that you could do to get pumped up for the day! Check it out:

Source: the best juicer review1) Make and have breakfast

I'm one of those people that have to have breakfast in the morning or I feel incomplete. My favourite thing to do is to juice in the mornings. I like having that little time of the day just to myself, cutting up fruits and vegetables, just knowing my body is going to thank me for it while listening to my audio books. Which brings me to point number…

Source: cosmicsoda2) Listen to uplifting / positive talks

I have a whole collection of audio books that I listen to as I go about juicing in the morning. I make sure that they're uplifting and positive and that helps keep me in a great frame of mind. Not only that I'm also learning something new every morning - which is one of my daily goals. You can check out Audacity if you want to buy audio books.

3) Meditate

I must admit, there are days I skip this. But the days that I do meditate I feel awesome! I find that meditating tells me that I am in control and I am actively choosing and creating my day. If you really don't have the time, even a short 10 minute meditation is better than nothing.

4) Rise early

Lucky for me I work at home, so I can get up anytime I want, but I find that the days that I wake up early (and by early I mean like 7am - 8am he he..) I feel a lot better about myself. I have the rest of the day to be productive and that feels good. Instead of waking up at 11 or 12 and having half the day (and sun) gone.

Source: Popularmechanics5) Make your bed

OK, ok, so a lot of people will not want to make this into a routine. But I love it! When I make my bed I feel like I'm clearing off the old energy of yesterday and preparing myself for today. Also I LOVE crawling into a fresh bed at night! Yum~

6) Pump up the (happy) music

This isn't something I usually do, but I know enough people who listen to happy music in the morning to get them pumped up for the day. It's important though to listen to uplifting, happy music (no I don't mean woo-woo spiritual, wafty music) that makes you feel good instead of intense, not so happy music (so, Black metal is a no-no i guess).

Source: Popgadget7) Brew tea

Some people like a cuppa in the mornings. Brewing tea has become a bit of an art form really. And if you're not into tea, you can also brew other herbal drinks.


Clipartheaven8) Movement

Whether it be yoga, jogging, dancing, hitting the gym, going for a walk or whatever other form of movement you choose, exercise is a great way to feel good. Even doing simple sun salutations can make a difference.


What is your morning routine? Do you have one? Is your routine actually bringing you down? Let me know in the comments :D